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How to save an image to your HardDrive
1) Put your cursor on top of any image of your choice
2) Right Click on that image
3) The following should appear:

4) Select "SAVE PICTURE AS" from the menu.
5) The Save Box will appear, which looks like:

6) In the Save Box, it currently shows "MY PICTURES" , this is the folder were the image will be saved to on your hard drive. "MY PICTURES" is just an example, your folder maybe named differently. You may choose to click the down arrow next to "MY PICTURES" and change it to a folder of your choice.
7) As shown the file name is "home". The file will be saved as home.gif , all images on this website are .gif or .jpg .
8) Then hit the Save Button! Your done!
9) You can simply go to the folder you saved the image to on your hard drive.
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